Guilhem, such a contribution to narrated website would be much appreciated.

Some more comments:

1/the rectangle is in percent. Like that, one can take a new scan of a picture with eg more resolution, and the region is still correct after changing the file.

2/best would be if possible to do html magic and show only that part of the image. Like that, we do not need to include with the website a picture for every region (which would be most annoying). This would mean only changing the html code that the website generatores.
Jason, does such a trick exist?

3/as Eero says, gkd methods can be used to create new files. Probably calling ImageMagick ( ) would be much faster, but means relying on an external program (imagemagick is installed everywhere in linux though...).

Generally, should this be an option, or should GRAMPS just do it like this? I would think it is not needed as an option and should be default behavior.


2008/5/28 Eero Tamminen <>:

On Wednesday 28 May 2008, Brian Matherly wrote:
> > I also don't know how to crop an image in Python.
> Me either. this is probably the reason someone hasn't
> done it sooner. Good luck.

Use gtk.gdk.Pixbuf operations, see copy_area() and scale() methods:

       - Eero

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