Note that Marriage is _all_ types of 'bonding between two aduts' so also 'church marriage', hindu ceremonies, ... . If you do not call it marriage, your GEDCOM export will suffer from this, as well as reports looking for a marriage event (for old entries, the church marriage is the only marriage event). So it is perfectly correct today to have with most people 2 marriage events although in the view of the people they married only once (that is the civil one, and the church one, only description shows the difference).

'Ondertrouw' is not marriage though, I use a custom event, it might be correct that it is marriage license in english, no idea. Only matters that if you exchange data to other language groups.

The idea is to use in a future version of GRAMPS a better event type system, with an explanation field visible in GRAMPS (so as to understand what the events mean, a common problem today), and to add a subtype field. Like this, the type would be Marriage, and one can use subtype to indicate civil, catholic, ....

However, if that ever is implemented, the tool to rename events will be updated to so as to be able to change events to ones with subtype, so go ahead and use what works for you now.


2008/4/28 Kees Bakker <>:
On Monday 28 April 2008, Frederik De Richter wrote:
> >
> >
> > Subject: [Gramps-users] How to enter ondertrouw and religious marriage
> > Hello,
> >
> > Two questions for experienced Gramps users.
> >
> > 1) (Dutch and Belgian specific, I think) How do I enter
> > "ondertrouw" in Gramps?
> >
> > 2) How do I enter a religious marriage (kerkelijk huwelijk)?
> > --
> >
> Kees,

Hallo Erik,

> I use those two events very often.
> If you fill in the wedding events in the relationship screen -> events tab:
> Add a new event : in lower part shared information you can rename the
> 'huwelijk' event type in a type you like : I have the 'Ondertrouw' event
> type and an 'Huwelijk voor de kerk'.
> So for RK I have even today for some people ! three 'marriage' events

Indeed. For example, my parents will have three events too.

But it seems that "Marriage License" is the same as "Ondertrouw" (see my email
to Gerald).

And I think I want to use "Kerkelijk huwelijk" as a new Event Type (maybe just
for myself, but I can imagine it has wider use). All I need to solve is: how do
I fill in the religion/church (e.g. RK)?
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