2008/4/28 Catherine J Webber <CatherineJWebber@twcny.rr.com>:

I've just recently starting playing with Gramps 3.0.  While
I like that it can now create family group sheets, I don't much like the one
that comes with Gramps (sorry if that offends anyone).  I would like
something more polished and similar to they form that I am currently using.  
I also want to be able to create an individual summary for each person in my
database which would also need a new template.

My questions is how do I get the two integrated?  I have OpenOffice.org 2.0,
but  I've never created a form or template that accesses data from an
external database and don't quite know how to approach it.  I know that I
read somewhere that Gramps can import and use custom forms.

I'm not sure if I just go ahead and make the template in OOo and then plug it
into Gramps somehow.  Or do I somehow access the database in OOo so that the
template knows what fields go where on the page like when integrating
database information into a page from the Base program built into OOo.

Can someone help me and explain how I get the two talking to each other?  How
do I get the form or template in OOo talking to Gramps so that the proper
data gets put into the proper spaces?

If I can get everything the way I want, is there a place to share the final
product in case someone else is interested in using what I come up with?


Cathy W.

Cathy, I don't think Ooo can interact with the GRAMPS database. There are tree options:

1/you create a template in Ooo, and in create an Ooo database with tables the template would obtain info from. You join the gramps-devel mailing list, and search for a developer that writes an export plugin to dump GRAMPS data into the Ooo database.

2/you create a text document in Ooo of how you believe a good report should look like. Again, you post to gramps-devel to discuss it, and search for a developer that wants to implement your design as a report.

3/suggest changes to the present report that looks most to what you like, in order to obtain improvements.

I would go for 2, as it is the easiest to maintain and is not linked to one output format, but 3 can lead to fastest response. You do loose the comfort of a template in Ooo working on a database though if not 1.
Note that if you believe you are up to implementing a report yourself, this is possible in GRAMPS, and the developers hope to have made the logic as simple as possible. A tutorial: http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Report-writing_tutorial

A word of caution at the end. When writing reports, it is easy to envision a set-up for the day to day cases, and you obtain a good result quickly. However, the difficult things need to be supported too in order for the report to be usefull to all: people with several marriages, alternate names, child in several families, ... . Creating a logic to encompass all this can be daunting.