2008/3/29, Zsolt Foldvari <zsolt.foldvari@gmail.com>:

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:24:15 -0400 (EDT)
"Douglas S. Blank" <dblank@cs.brynmawr.edu> wrote:

> So, my 3.0 database that I just opened with trunk is now 3.1-only?
> Should we give a warning/option-to-cancel when auto-upgrading the
> database?

3.1 only and soon probably garbisch. Keep those .gramps files!

As far as I understand 3.0 is not even supposed to open 3.1 db,
but should give an error message. I'll check this.

That should be the case

> I have a database change needed to handle first-day-of-year issues for
> dates. Should that be made now, too?

Yes, it's better to group all necessary db changes.

Indeed, v14 of the db can include many other things before a 3.2 is released. Everytime the database made in trunk before that will be broken, as we upgraded v13 to v14, not v14-trunk to v14.

Perhaps trunk should again show a warning that it is development code (so not even beta code at the moment).