2008/3/4, Laura Mellen <bbbmc59@hotmail.com>:
I have a couple of questions. First, I have ordered this well-reviewed little machine but don't have it yet. When I do receive it, I want to follow the instructions below and install GRAMPS on it.

I am currently running GRAMPS 2.2.9-1 in Ubuntu 7.04. I want to make sure I export my current files correctly for use with my new machine. Am I understanding correctly that I export as an .xml file? It sounds as if it was pure luck I was able to export/import using .grdb before...I don't want to press my luck this time.

Also, if I take the Eee to the library or something for research, will I then have a problem exporting from it and putting info on this machine? I'll be running two different versions of GRAMPS.

BTW, I have no media files if that makes a difference.

Thank you!

As said, upgrade to 2.2.10. Then indeed, use .gramps files for moving data between PC's.
Note however that you should not  import data into a database from which you exported the data. That is, you should work consecutive:
1/work at home
2/export work to .gramps, and move the data to the Eee by importing into an empty .grdb file
3/work on the Eee and do changes
4/before working at home again, move your changes to the Eee, and import (!!)  into an empty database to continue.

So don't import the changed version of your data in your old data, that will completely mess up your data (gramps will overwrite stuff, not see things are equal, ..., merge is not supported at import in other words).
Note that an imports will create everytime a large grdb file you work on, so remember to delete those you don't need anymore.

We hope to make this more easy in the future.