2008/2/29, James G. Sack (jim) <jgsack@san.rr.com>:
Background: I noticed that r10099 changed eprefix to event_prefix, and
no doubt there were a lot of references updated -- but one got
overlooked in

This is recent,  I would suggest you just direct the question to the developer who did the change.


which I fixed in r10140 (a minor victory for regression testing, because
I found this by running src/test/gramps_cli_test.py).

The point if this message: I notice there is an eprefix in
==> Q: Is it possible this is now obsolete, or is this a different

If change is required, should key (EPREFIX) or string (event_prefix) be
changed?  Or something more complex like retiring one key usage and
creating a new one? Need a few minutes of expert attention here.

I apologize if this was mentioned in previous -devel messaages. I've
been away from the list for aminth or so, and I'm 343 messages behind on
this particular list. :-O


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