2008/2/29, Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org>:

> FWIW: Gramps runs just fine on the little bugger ;-)
> First follow the suggestions in
> /http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:beginners_guide/ to
> back-up simpleui.rc,
> and run then "pimpmyeee.sh", menu choice 4, to
> enhance the sources list.
> It would help to follow most of the suggestions on
> this page.
> Then "sudo apt-get install gramps" to install the
> Gramps 2.2.3-1
> package.  This is not the latest version and you
> won't find the
> dependencies for the latest version available.
> If you have installed SublimePorte's "Launcher
> Tools" use "Launch Tools
> - Add Icon" to add a Gramps lanucher to the simple
> interface. The path
> to the executable is: /usr/bin/gramps.
> I've uploaded screenshots of the "Relationshop" and
> "Pedigree" views
> from Gramps running on the Eee PC to
> "http://www.flickr.com/photos/davestuff/"

Sweet! Thanks for the pictures. Is there anything that
doesn't fit on the screen? I remember some people had
some concerns that the dialogs would not fit on the

I think we need to add some ellipsizes (gtk expression for the ... at the end) in some places, based on some constant. Eg in the editor, people with long names can make the family editor explode, so that label should be cut of on certain length, ....

Dave, can you add a wiki page to our website with instructions?

it would be great if you make a package for 2.2.10 to run on the Eee ;-) However, if I understand, this is just because the pimpmyee.sh script uses debian etch repos.
Hence my guess is you can just take the lenny .deb and install that, see http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Installation#Upgrading_to_the_latest_version
so download latest from http://packages.debian.org/lenny/gramps and install:
sudo apt-get install  gramps_2.2.10-1.deb

Your risk off course, but it would be great to know. Eg, 2.2.5+ had large performance gains which would benefit the Eee