Looks great.
I'd say, attach it to the bug ticket and send reminder to Brian, so he can go over it and commit it.
Looks like a great addition, so it should be added now so as to get optimal testing before release of 3.0


2008/2/18, Jason Simanek <jsimanek@gmail.com>:

On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 14:25 -0800, St├ęphane Charette wrote:
> Note:  when I view the example site using FF v2.0.0.12 on 64-bit
> Ubuntu 7.10, it does not come up with Nebraska as the default
> stylesheet.  Each page I view, I have to click on View->Page
> Style->Nebraska.

Stephane, sorry about that. My email got a bit long and might be
confusing. There was just so much to say!

I didn't want to take for granted that everyone here knows how to choose
alternate stylesheets. As I said, Konqueror seems to work as expected in
that when you choose a different stylesheet it retains that change from
page to page.

Also, please keep in mind that some of the big changes have to do with
the markup more than the styling. Here are some key points of interest:

Navigation: Now the navigation item that represents the current section
you are viewing has the id="CurrentSection", allowing for the navigation
to provide more feedback to the user.

Gallery detail page: the Previous/Next links can easily be styled to
resemble buttons.

Depending on the situation, ordered lists are used in place of tables,
specifically with reference lists and the pedigree list on an
individual's page.

Ancestor Tree on Individual's page: With CSS the tree now has some hover
features with Nebraska and my interpretation of the Modern styles. IE of
course doesn't handle it well.

> (By default it looks like it comes up in Modern/GRAMPS style.)

That's correct. Please review that also, since it is actually a
completely new stylesheet that I wrote in attempt to retain the primary
character of the existing Modern style while improving the design and
adapting it for the new features of the updated markup.


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