I think one should not exaggerate with ...
Eg in firofox, all those bookmark menu entries with ... don't look so nice, although I understand they conform to
Note also the Firefox tools menu.
Well, I don't mind one way or the other, but too many ... also doesn't look nice.


2008/1/28, James G. Sack (jim) <jgsack@san.rr.com>:
Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> I've been implementing some of this. Mostly adding '...' where
> applicable and adding capitalisation where needed.
> Raphael is looking through the patch I made and raises this question
> which I can't easily answer:
> "In the tools section, I think that there are some tools that have ...
> now, but do not need user interaction to run, but only to decide after
> the run, whether the results should be applied or not. I think that
> these should not have a ..."
> Interesting problem. I considered that it was requiring user
> interaction if there were more choices _after_ the initial
> confirmation. If I have to do more than just click 'OK' for the item
> to do something then it got '...' added.
> What do others think?

Hmmm, just expressing my preferences as a computer user in general, I
interpret a "..." as implying that _nothing_ will be done until and
unless I complete some further input and request an action.

If a menu item has "..."  but does something (significant) without my
go-ahead, I would actually be quite annoyed. Never mind that it may be
reversible, there are power-loss and other corner cases where undo may fail.

A corollary: if an unfamiliar menu item does not have an ellipsis, I
would really appreciate some easily found information about what it's
going to do -- before I venture to explore that action.

Second corollary: even with all the above, undo is still much desired
and greatly appreciated.


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