So you are working on a grdb with 250 people and delete takes 3 - 3.5 min??
No, that should not be the case.

Did you already do the following once:

1/export grdb to .gramps xml
2/create a new grdb with a new name
3/import the .gramps xml

Is delete still so slow? Note that grdb is not a portable format, so changing folder names normally breaks the format, however, that should lead to a crash, not slow working.


2008/1/18, Wally Murdoch <>:
Would someone please tell me how a grdb database should react to a
delete person request.

When I delete a person from the database the action takes 3 - 3.5
minutes to complete. I think that the entire database of 250 individuals
is being parsed.  Is this normal for the current state of the GRAMPS

This problem seemed to start with 2.2.9. Seeing that 2.2.10-1 was
available I upgraded but no change to the problem.

I might add that somewhere prior to noticing the problem in 2.2.9 I
reformatted my hard drives and reconfigured data folder names. As if
this isn't enough, I upgraded my operating system from Ubuntu Feisty
(7.04) to Gutsy (7.10) and I continue to upgrade as notifications arrive
to my computer.  I have done these reconfigs many times in the past with
very little difficulty.

I don't know how long this problem with deletion has been going on as I
do not use the delete feature very often as for most part I really do
get along with my relatives. I should also say that I am not aware of
any other problems with GRAMPS and my databases.

Appreciate any input one would have about this problem.


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