It does not appear to be a global variable, which would be a possility.

If you install eg kdesvn, you can quickly obtan full log and annotation, you can then investigate what commit did what wit the file, where changedname comes from.
You can also use sourceforge, eg here you see how it is used:

Clearly your guess is right, as proven by

For certainty you can do a grep search on the name anychange (if you use an IDE it will have that option as find in project or so) and investigate the output.


2008/1/10, Raphael Ackermann <>:
Should anychange just be removed or was it part of some logic that got lost?

The code below has last been touched by Don in Nov 2004.


def on_ok_clicked(self,obj):
        self.trans = self.db.transaction_begin ("",batch=True)
        changelist = [self.model.get_value(node,1)
                      for node in self.iter_list
                      if self.model.get_value(node,0)]

        anychange = False
        for handle in self.db.get_person_handles():
            change = False
            person = self.db.get_person_from_handle(handle)
            for name in [person.get_primary_name ()] +
                sname = name.get_surname()
                if sname in changelist:
                    change = True
                    anychange = True
            if change:

        self.db.transaction_commit(self.trans,_("Capitalization changes"))
        # FIXME: this probably needs to be removed, and bookmarks
        # should always be rebuilt on a commit_person via signals
        # self.parent.bookmarks.redraw ()

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