If you used a recent version of gramps, the directory with your grdb contains a file with .backup extension.
You can open that then.
Otherwise, I think everything is gone.
If you read: http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Recover_corrupted_grdb
you see that loosing the environment is recoverable, but loosing the database is, for obvious reasons, not.


2007/11/26, Matt Anderson <mra@malloc.org>:
I did at least two dumb things this past holiday weekend.  One was
delete my grdb file, the other was to not have a back-up of it.
Thankfully I still have it all exported to a website, so no one can tell
that its all gone, but I'd really rather not load that all in by hand
again if I don't have to.  Is there anyway to re-create a gramps
database from a gramps exported website?


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