I can't give windows help.
Please, post this question to the gramps-windows mailing list.
The main developers are on linux, some users provide windows packages, but we do not support problems with the port. The windows mailing list is created for that.
I cannot forward this problem to the windows mailing list as I myself are not a member.


2007/11/9, Leon Mintz < >:
I've followed the installation instructions of GRAMPS and all was OK.
Then the new Pidgin 2.2.2 asked to update my GTK, and I agreed.
After this, GRAMPS says he can't find libglib-2.0-0.dll. I've located it in my Common Files folder and copied to where GRAMPS was installed. Then it said it cant find iconv.dll. So I decided to reinstall GRAMPS.
Now the installer says:
GTK+/PyGTK import failed (GTK+ found on system)
Re-run gives the same error.
What should I do?


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