You could go into the po directory of trunk, and do make install there.
Then when finished, go into the po directory of branch22 and do make install there to again have the translation for 2.2.x

Note that relationships are in a separate file, here, which inherits from src/
With the change I did, should still work as before and show correct translation inthose modules using get_relationship.


2007/10/24, Peter Landgren <>:

> For translators: the idea is translators should _not_ inherit the
> get_relationship() and get_relationship_... methods. They should only be
> present in
> Translators should only translate def get_single_relationship_string() in
> the
> This method is based upon the plural method added by Brian. If
> functionality for a language is missing, then it should be added in the
> parameters given to all languages.

How do I test my translation in 3.0, when I'm not supposed to do "make

If I Move to /usr/local/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES and rename it to I get sv.po part of the translation, but not the words for father,
mother, grandfather or other relationships.

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