As you may know, window placement is generally controlled by your window manager (e.g., Gnome metacity, etc.).  By default, it tries to put up windows in a pleasant, non-overlapping way, but it is often not just what you'd want.  This can be overridden by an application, but it would be hard to get it right for every possible user preference, screen size, etc.  Sometimes, apps will let you specify the location and/or size of the first window, but thereafter they do what they want.  (New windows come up at center screen?  Lower right?  Spaced not to overlap other windows? ...)

Gramps (on Ubuntu Karmic) seems to prefer to pop up windows on top of whatever window they came from.  I would agree that might not be the best choice, especially if you have a big screen.  On the other hand, you need some way to indicate that the windows toward the bottom are inactive when Gramps is waiting for you to finish with the topmost window.  It's the modal dialog problem.


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 1:56 PM, Paul Franklin <> wrote:
This is my first post to this list.  My apologies in advance
if I do something wrong, don't follow protocol, etc.  Please
feel free to let me know.

My family will have its first reunion this August and I have
been appointed/volunteered into doing the family tree for it.
Since I know nothing about genealogy programs I did a
Google search ("free linux genealogy program" maybe)
and then downloaded 3.1.3-1 for Fedora 12.

I am learning what to do and how to do it and have some
questions, so I thought I would ask here, but if the answer
is out there please feel free to point me to it (although I
would appreciate a specific pointer and not just "the wiki").

I just wanted to create a new "family" and when the window
popped up I was reminded of something I was curious about.
It popped up in the upper-left corner of my desktop and I am
wondering if there is any way to control its creation-location?
(But not specific to any particular window manager.)

Can I set some flag, some preference, some environmental
variable, some line in a control file (is there such a control
file? say in my ~/.gramps tree?), etc., to make such windows
appear where I want them to appear?

Say in the center of my desktop?  Or at some specific X,Y
coordinate?  I find it bothersome to have to drag every
window over to where my eyes feel comfortable viewing it.

I doubt it matters but just for the record I am running gramps
on a Fedora 12 partition on another (faster) machine, which
NFS-mounts my home directory, and then I ssh to that F12,
so that my DISPLAY envariable points back to where I came
from (which has things I want, like automatic archiving of my
home directory). Also for the record I don't know Python but
I suppose I could learn, if I really have to.

If there is no (easy) way to do it, perhaps a developer could
reply as to whether it might be possible to put it into 3.2?


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