Does anyone have any ideas on why the program TMG2GRAMPS might transfer data on 2121 persons from the TMG files and show them in the XML file (extension .gramps) but not show names for most of them in the "People" window of the GRAMPS program?  The first 94 persons appear with their correct ID numbers, as defined in TMG. Each of the other names appears as a dot. For them the correcidentification number is given and Information on family connections and events. The GRAMPS program functions correctly in that double-clicking their line brings up their "Person" window with all their events, but not their name. LIkewise, their name is blanked out in any Pedigree tree. It is as if they all had a "do not display name" tag set. I certainly did not have that set in TMG and would not know how to set it in GRAMPS.

Imagining that there was something odd occurring in the XML file around around persons 94 or 95, I have studied the XML file in FIrefox and in gedit.
There is nothing obviously different in the programming for any of the persons in this region of the person's section of the file - their names are given correctly and all data instructions opened and closed correctly.

I have not yet tried to transfer by GEDCOM, because I am attempting to see just what TMG2GRAMPS can do.
That will be my next move. However, I thought that this problem of GRAMPS not being able to read some names from an apparently correct XML file may have occurred before and be a known problem.
i.e. a problem with the GRAMPS program or with its user!

Cheers, George Legge