Thank you for the quick response.
The .gramps extension worked immediately.
Now I have to see why some of the data did not come across;
but I am no longer working in the dark and am very happy to have my file in GRAMPS.

Thank you all.

Cheers, George Legge

On 10/28/07, Alex Roitman < > wrote:
On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 23:27 +1000, george legge wrote:
> Whether I use File > import > open > "name of file"  or  Open > "name
> of file", I always get the message:
> Could not open file "name of file".
> File type "application/xml" is unknown to GRAMPS.
> Valid types are GRAMPS database, GRAMPS XML, GRAMPS package, and

You can either force the format to GRAMPS XML in the file opening
dialog, or, as was suggested already, rename to .gramps. You also
should be able to just remove the extension -- in that case the
mime system should go by the contents and our magic should work.

But the easiest is to give it a .gramps extension,

P.S. The compression should not be an issue -- GRAMPS should
read both compressed and uncompressed XML equally fine.

Alexander Roitman