Dear Benny and Stephane:

I am sorry that I have not made the time to investigate what is going on...

Now that ExifImageEditorGramplet is now completely working great, I will be able to get to it shortly...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. healey

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 7:11 AM, Benny Malengier <> wrote:

as my website is the testcase, let me know should you have fixed it,
or should you have problems.
As I want a good website for my family, I don't mind fixing it myself,
but as your changes most likely introduced the issue, it would be nice
if you have the time to investigate.


2009/12/29 Rob Healey <>:
> Dear Benny and Stephane:
> To be able to see this for myself:
> Can you explain how to do the media regions?
> Sincerely yours,
> Rob G. Healey
> 2009/12/28 Stéphane Charette <>
>> > About regions, Stepane, I wanted to compare with a working version,
>> > but I normally use your family tree and it disappeared from the web
>> > :-(.
>> > At least, google did not yet pick up your new hosting position. If you
>> > could post a link, then I can again compare :-)
>> I had an ancient out-of-date tree in the GRAMPS hosting section that
>> was recently removed.  My "home" server/tree is still at the same
>> place; here is a simple one with a small image and regions, generated
>> using GRAMPS 3.1.3:
>> The relevant HTML with some comments included here:
>> <div id="GalleryDetail" class="content"> ...note the id and class
>>        ...previous & next buttons go here...
>>        <div id="summaryarea"> ...note the id
>>                <div id="GalleryDisplay" style="width:400px;
>> height:262px;"> ...note
>> the width & height here must match the width and height we want to use
>> when displaying the image, not necessarily the true width and height
>> of the image if we're asking the browser to dynamically resize
>>                        <ol class="RegionBox">  ...all of the regions are
>> defined here
>>                                <li style="left:7%; top:7%; width:19%;
>> height:28%;"><a
>> href="../../../ppl/i/j/6ZLFKDZ0R9REKSUGJI.html">Estor</a></li>
>>                                <li style="left:79%; top:6%; width:16%;
>> height:23%;"><a
>> href="../../../ppl/e/s/JWPPHDOF3KSPGB2ZSE.html">Edmond</a></li>
>>                                <li style="left:24%; top:16%; width:15%;
>> height:23%;"><a
>> href="../../../ppl/x/x/TK6YJD241JB76A9FXX.html">Dina</a></li>
>>                                <li style="left:65%; top:16%; width:15%;
>> height:24%;"><a
>> href="../../../ppl/p/3/M7FVHDJXY4PCFLCQ3P.html">Albina</a></li>
>>                        </ol>
>>                        <img width="400" height="262"
>> src="../../../images/2/3/aa022eabba552e98132.jpg" alt="text goes here"
>> />
>> Stéphane
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