Greetings Everyone:

I was looking at NarWeb and how to make it more complete of a database dump tool!  I  notice that a source can have a repository, but that repository can not be called from the source at least a I was trying to do so?  Ex. source.get_repository_handles() does not work...

I also notice that in the person editor, that there are both an Associations and LDS tabs.  I do not know how to get this information yet?  Can someone show me a live working example?  I would like to add these two the NarWeb output???

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

P.S. Gerald and I have also been talking about how to break up the SurnameListPage and IndividualListPage.  They take way too long to load on a browser if the database is too large!  Gerald also said that on a smaller screen display, that it takes forever to load.  We have talked about splitting the one page into how every many alphabet letters are in the report.  So in the USA, instead of possible only one page, there could be a possible 27 pages.  One for each letter of the alphabet, and one page as a stepping stone into the alphabet.

Gerald: If I am incorrect, please correct me???