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Everybody creates their own workflow for a book. Gramps provides the basis. As you were interested in a descendant tree, you noticed that was not very strong.

The most professional book that was created where Gramps was also one of the tools is this one:

Thanks a lot for that ! Really nice to see such good quality work...
Also there, the author hacked Gramps plugins to optimize the layout.

If you think your code is sufficiently general that it could be an improvement, do share your work. The easiest way is to provide a plugin via gramps-addons showing the improvements, or if things are possible with not a very large patch, a patch against the Gramps plugin.

I feel there are two areas where some of my work could be included into gramps :
  - Graph formatting via plugins.
  - Localization support.  E.g. dates, names

Makes more sense to post about these on the developer list, I'd assume.

Thanks !
-- Shree