There is no era holder in gramps.
Any idea if there is other genea software out there that fixes this?

1. add era as an optional new date field.
2. year should contain the era also, so: eraname, 1. In calender Japanese, this can then be parsed correctly

With option 1, we could also do BC and AC as different era, so our calendar can then have eras: No era, BC or AC ??

However, option 2 is probably most logical.

Do you have a relation to Japanese? It seems dangerous to me for people not accustomed to this calendar to try to add it.


2012/11/5 Mathieu MD <>

I started to work on adding Japanese eras[1,2] as a new calendar type
(along Gregorian or Swedish ones), but it's maybe not as easy as I though.

The main problem is that there is no way to select the era: you can set
the day, the month, the year, but not the era.

Am I missing something, or is it really complicated?

PS: I just saw there is already a feature request[3]!



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