2013/1/11 John Ralls <jralls@ceridwen.us>

On Jan 10, 2013, at 2:17 PM, Pat Lefebre <patbree49@zoho.com> wrote:

Saw a mention of PIL you may be interested in:

"PIL is on its way to Python 3 via Pillow. Support from Brian Crowell and others has been merged into master...."


Oh, great. Yet another PIL-Py3 fork.

Taking over SF would also be a 'fork' some people might not like. I would suggest we choose one, and start to use it. It does not seem we will have new image formats soon (perhaps 3D pics however), so all should be good.
Would be interesting to convince them not to use the word pillow....



It would be much, much better if someone would do a hostile takeover of the SF project, commit the port, and cut a release.

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