export to .gramps xml.
Unzip the .gramps file, and open in ascii text editor (wordpad, gedit, kate, ...)

Search for the + character, and how it typically occurs. Probably here it will be

as it is at the end of an event description.
So search on that string, and replace with the same string without the +
Save, import in a new empty family tree.


2013/2/26 doug <dougrb@o2.co.uk>
My database has a sizable tree contributed by a relative in
which all the individuals are marked with a cross, e.g.
"Burnett, Jane +" for some reason. I want to tidy up the
database and get rid of these crosses.
I've removed them from Persons by exporting the data as CSV,
editing and re-importing.
However, all the Event Descriptions still have the crosses,
e.g. "Birth of Burnett, Jane +" because the events were not
exported to csv.
What I'd like to do is delete all these Event Descriptions
and allow the Extract Event Description tool to re-form
them. Is there any way of doing this or another way of
achieving the same result? Deleting them individually would
be a mammoth task.


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