Hello Zissis,

Very lovely box design! Jason has designed the WP website, you should interact with him to discuss how the artwork on the website can be changed.
We could actually use some help with the gramps-connect website, http://gramps-connect.org/ which is based on templates which base on the different navweb outpust. But that is probably more website design.


2012/7/29 Zissis Papadopoulos <zissis@mail.com>
Hello everyone,

This is my first contribution effort in Gramps and I am very excited about it. I am no programmer but I believe I could help with the website's artwork in terms of enhancing the current gramps homepage look and make it a little bit more appealing, especially for people who are unfamilar to the whole Linux universe [I am a Windows user with little Linux experience (Ubuntu) and even less in MacOSX]. Gramps is an incredible piece of software whose reputation is growing but I think it could benefit from a light facelift.


On the above link, you will find a graphic file (Gramps_Box_Design.png) which could be possibly used in the Gramps homepage, as a potential replacement of the current homepage main graphic (Intro_Homepage.png).

If you like the concept, please instruct me what I have to do next. I am already working on a cover artwork for the complete offline "Gramps Wiki Manual" (http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/images/d/d6/GRAMPS_3_3_Prince.pdf) based on the same concept. If you like the idea, I can send this too upon completion.
If I have posted this in the wrong place, please correct me (and forgive the newbie)...

Happy to collaborate with you all, you are a fantastic team.

Zissis Papadopoulos
Genealogy hobbyist - Graphic design lover

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