I would like to discussĀ GEPS 027: Gender as an Entry Field (http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=GEPS_027:_Gender_as_an_Entry_Field ).

What to do? I'm concerned about the mapping to GEDCOM, and the reporting based on gender, and would like to keep gender simple for that reason.
If you read the GEP, the proposal is clear:

Prop 1. Gender as Entry Field.
This seems a simple enough solution, but does complicate things for the majority. It also does not solve the symbol issue.

Question: With what would be prepopulate that? I assume only unknown, male, female.

My own suggestion would be:

Prop 2:
Extension of Gender with Other. If Gender is Other, then two new fields become available: Gender Specification, which is a text field, and Gender symbol, which is also a text field of max three characters

On one hand, this seems a lot of trouble, but on the other, it does not introduce the full complexity of a custom entry field. Gender remains a simple 4 choice which should not create too much issues in converting. The different gender people still have the possibility to enter their gender in more detail, and select a custom symbol.

Apart from gender issues, I assume this proposed change is not meant for the indication of transsexuals? I assume for transsexuals, a researcher could store a gender as male/female, and add an event 'Gender change' or something like that if he wants to store the fact.

I feel we should decide on this GEP to move forward or not, so as not to bad feelings afterward.