2013/2/8 Tim Lyons <guy.linton@gmail.com>
In the interests of transparency:

I made two other changes, related to per-family tree options, which do not
seem to have been mentioned in this thread:

(1) I changed the default filename for reports to contain the family tree
name followed by an abbreviation of the report name. This default is only
used if the user has not already chosen a specific name for the report.
Having reverted the movement of the report-options file, this means that if
you choose a specific name for a report for ANY database, then that name
will be used for the output file for that report for all databases. Hence,
this will only affect users who have not chosen a file name for a report.
Again, I think this is helpful to separate out the same report for different
family trees.

Ok for me. I suppose you now store a name in two parts, a family-tree-name part and the non-family-tree name part.
If second is given and not first, you use second, if first and second is given, you replace first with the current family tree name?
Otherwise I can't think of a way to code that logically correct :-)

(2) I implemented the paths.website-directory (in gramps.ini) in line with
paths.report-directory. paths.website-directory was declared, but not set
and used properly. These two directories are ONLY used when the user does no
specify a particular name for a report. If a name is specified by the user,
then that full pathname was and is always used for the report.
paths.website-directory now works exactly the same as
paths.report-directory. It is only altered and used when the last element in
the path is the default name.

I would have to try this, but does not seem an issue.

I don't think these changes relate to the examples discussed in this thread,
and I think that they will affect very few users. Since they don't impact
the database directory at all - they only relate to data that is already in
the various options files, do you want me to revert these too?

For me not. However, these changes in gramps34 might create a bugs on release of point upgrade there. For narweb, because we decided to upgrade in gramps34 also, that is not a problem. For the rest, you should be careful with features in gramps34. At a minimum it will mean you need to be available after a release.


I would certainly like to keep these changes, because whenever there is more
than one family tree, it becomes very difficult to remember which file
contains which report, and it is all too easy to accidentally overwrite a
report with another report for a different tree.


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