2012/12/30 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>
gi._glib.GError:  Error on line 1 character 1182:The document ended unexpectedly within the closing
tag for the element "menubar".

Ok, this means the xml for the ui defenition is wrong due to the translation.

I think we had this error before and it was fixed somehow.
Perhaps add a print at
  File "/home/peter/Gramps/trunk/
gramps/gui/viewmanager.py", line 1754, in __build_tools_menu
    self.tool_menu_ui_id = self.uistate.uimanager.add_ui_from_string(uidef)

in front of line 1754 to see if there is something wrong in it.
Create a bug ticket on the roadmap also for this