2012/10/4 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
On 04/10/12 18:16, Tim Lyons wrote:
> Is there an svn command that I should use to fix this? (I am only asking in
> case it is something that needs to be published in the wiki, or if some fix
> is needed in the svn repository).
I don't think so.  I just deleted them.

There are some options.

1/You can recheckout the entire branch. Then it is clean
2/Manually delete. Directories don't get deleted if files remain in them. Do
svn status | grep '?   . ' > toremove

Then removewhat is in the file (make the file one line, and append to rm). Makefile is then not deleted, as svn status does not see it. Makefile is in propedit ignore of the directories. If somebody has time, it would be nice to update that and make sure they are no longer ignored.



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