As indicated in the release notes, no windows version at the moment.
Gramps 4.0 works on windows, as per the link in the release notes, but making it work is a tedious work.

So, we believe an AIO can be created from the released source, but it is up to the people with experience with Windows installers to actually do that. The core Gramps developers don't have experience with windows installers, and as Gramps 4.0 is very different from Gramps 3.4, we can't just change the old 3.4 AIO a little bit as Peter and co do for the 3.4 releases.


2013/5/22 Ralf Lehmeier <>
Where i find the Win 32-Bit AIO Version?

On i find
only the 3.4.4.

Kind Regards R.Lehmeier

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