Something on your PC caused an error in the database layer.
Did you have backups? Eg export to .gramps format?

If so, restart, make new family tree and import that.
If not, you need to start with backup of the database, see Gramps->Edit->Preferences, tab with family tree that shows the location where your database is stored.
Make a copy of that directory and save it. To try to recover the data, see

2012/7/17 miki figuel <mifi63@hotmail.com>

I can’t access my family tree and I get these windows

Error parsing arguments Database needs recovery, cannot open it.  After clicking in

Load family tree  I get  Low level database corruption detected and say  Select the

database and click on  the REPAIR button also say if the repair fail all your info wil be lost forever, beside that  the system don’t allow me to do a backup, everything is frozen,

none of the links works, no family tree loaded.

Another window says Gramps has experienced an unexpected error advising me to restart Gramps, but doesn’t work either, also I sent an email and two reports, nobody answered.

Don’t be too technical I only know how to fill in the info.

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