I'm not sure that is the best approach. First, best is to ask Doug if SQLite export remains supported going forward. I don't know myself what it is based on.
As Doug has been working on gramps-connect, using the export tools gramps-connect uses to setup sqlite/mysql/progres database.
I am also here not current, see http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gramps-Connect
steps there indicate export goes over a json export of the data.

Hopefully Doug can give a better insight.


2012/11/29 Terry Corbet <tcorbet@ix.netcom.com>
Yes, and the 'vi' editior still gets a lot of our work done.
Having discovered what it is that your explort provides, I have created a workflow that will let me use some command line tools to get stdout from running a standalone version of sqllite against what you provide in order to make the schema and contents available in an AIR application instead of having to write a parser against Ancestry's gedcom directly.

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