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2014-03-07 11:40 GMT+01:00 paul womack <>:
I have now been working with Gramps for a while.

My commonest task is, having found a new document
(baptism, wedding, census) I transcribe the information
from the various fields of the documents into
a set of Gramps Events.

During this process, each event, place, name or attribute
should have the document as a citation.

I achieve this by placing the first citation on the clipboard,
and dragging it to the relevant place.

This gets old pretty fast for a "rich" document.

I would very much like a keyboard shortcut;
This could either be a separate cut/paste buffer
for citations (which sounds tricky), or a
keyboard shortcut that does the following:

On any screen where a Source Citation tab is present,
switch to that tab, and paste in a copy of the most recently used Citation
(in other words, a repeat last citation operation)

This alone would save me a great deal of "mousing".


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