2013/1/30 Lars Kr.Lundin <gramps@lklundin.dk>

Dear developers,

A note on this issue I raised:
suggests that I raise the topic on this list:

So to conclude I would like to suggest a feature change:
1) The user should enter the available information on marriage related events

I suppose users already add everything they know at the moment. It might be that a date is only found later, so that the marriage event is edited afterwards.
2) Gramps should use that information to deduce the order of a persons marriages

I agree Gramps could help the user. However, it is dangerous to change things without notifying the user in some way.
So perhaps it is better on adding a new family to a person to pop up a new dialog: "Person <name> already has a family, agree to the order of families to continue, or change the order"
Then show a list of how Gramps would store for this person the families, and a Continue button which is preselected
3) This ordering should be used in any listing of the marriages.

Normally the given ordering will already be used. If not, that would be a bug in current reports.
4) The reorder button should be removed from the relationship view.

I don't agree to this. As this is something that is stored, and as you can have sources indicating two marriages without dates, the user must still be able to somewhere change/edit the order.