2013/11/9 Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com>
On 09-11-13 00:49, Tim Lyons wrote:
> I don't want to be associated with something that abuses user's goodwill and
> trust.
> I think we should move away from Sourceforge.
> (I understand that Github does support downloads in the from of 'releases'.
> I would not support Google adverts on a Download page. How does Gimp fund
> their approach?).
No idea about the latter, but I do support your idea about Google ads.
That's because the deceiving Download now button that I saw on the right
page of the SF download page is a Google ad.

Ok, just to clarify. I don't mind text ads, but image ads on a download page would not be ok for me. Those quickly are those big download buttons that make it difficult to see the correct download button.

Personally I think image ads should be based on unique views, not clicks. After all, that is how traditional magazines did adds. All this click requirement actually means they get free commercial space most of the time.