2013/2/5 doug <dougrb@o2.co.uk>
On 05/02/13 14:06, Paul Franklin wrote:

> I also think the "target version" matters, so I'd suggest you fill
> in 4.0.0 automatically (for alphaN bugs that is).  I am guessing
> but I think that puts it on"the roadmap" for that release -- a list
> of pending bugs.  A developer can always change that number,
> if you have guessed wrong or they disagree.

I'm not sure how or whether I can do this.
I've just reported a couple more bugs (#6410, #6411) but
don't see any way to enter a "target version".

Yes, it is up to people triaging the bugs to set target, as a submitter of a bug will normally always find it important.