2012/7/30 Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr>
Hi benny,

Le 30/07/2012 21:01, Benny Malengier a écrit :


HtmlRenderer is working again, gobject instrospection data for WebKit needs to be installed, see

It is not ideal yet, I should embed it in a scrolledwindow it seems.
I already saw a webkit with gobject introspection in ubuntu quantal but I don't try it.

webkit in 12.04 works great too, so it need not be that recent.

Did you try the gtk3 branch of osmgpsmap? What are your plans? Pedigreeview is what I plan to investigate next.

I'm already looking for that.
I am not used to work with C language, so it's a long way to have a working library.
I need to understand what the code do before replacing some deprecated types :
There are GdkDrawing, GdkGC in the code which doesn't exist anymore in gtk3.

I think the branch is ready for the gtk3 migration, but the minimum has been done.
The autogen.sh doesn't work with gi. I modified some files.

John says in the mailing list :
Its not working yet for many reasons (mostly rendering bugs and offset issues)

There are many modifications to do in the code. it's not gtk3 ready.
The best should be that John Stowers ( nzjrs ) do this job.

I was thinking about to have our proper osmgpsmap in python, but I think it will be about 6000 lines of code.
before you start the gtk3 migration, I already began to try this.

Well, there are two things. First is to make it GTK3 ready in the C-code. As you say, some drawing primitives are different.
To understand the basics, read carefully this:


Once it works in C with GTK3, for python bindings, it needs to be introspection enabled (assuming it is a gobject library, otherwise that doesn't work). As an example of allowing introspection, see the gtkspell work, so these commits:

The difficult work will be step 1 indeed. It would be great if John Stowers has time, but I would not bet on it.