2013/4/23 Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org>
>If you want to run gramps40 or trunk on Ubuntu 12.04, then you should upgrade
>your Ubuntu to 12.10.
>Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't meet the requirement for "At least pygobject 3.3.2 is
>needed to start Gramps with a GUI", whereas Ubuntu 12.10 does.
>Sorry, because I am presumably missing something, but I don't see the point
>in trying to hack the system to install totally non-standard software when
>there is a release available that contains the right version of the
>I upgraded my Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 fairly straightforwardly (no need to
>start from a fresh system). Admittedly, my Ubuntu machine is not my main
>machine, so it wasn't vital, but it all seemed to go OK (you do have a
>backup of course don't you).
>Most things that I use seem to be upgraded automatically, except for svn,
>where I think I had to perform some magic to upgrade my repository. (I may
>also have had to check that both the command line svn and the one used in
>Eclipse were the same version).

The problem with going from 12.04 to 12.10 is that you lose long term support. I got tired of chasing my tail every 6 months when a new Ubuntu release comes out. So I've decided to stick to LTS releases only. To bride the gap in special circumstances (like this), I use VirtualBox and install the latest Ubuntu in a VM. That would be my advice to anyone whose hardware can handle it. Install 12.10 in a Virtualbox environment and leave your LTS installation alone.

Indeed, I also find using Virtualobox on 12.04, or even windows, is the way to go for easy gramps 4.0 and trunk development.

You have to see 4.0 as using a new GUI lib, so it cannot coexist with the old GUI if the environment is not sandboxed like in Mac Apps. As linux typically does not do that (although it would be possible), a VM is the way to go for those that don't upgrade to 12.10.



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