2013/11/4 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
On 04/11/13 00:21, Tim Lyons wrote:
> I would prefer to stay with svn, simply because I am familiar with it. The
> disadvantages of git are:
> - I would have to learn it.
> - it is apparently more complicated than svn.

True, but it isn't much more complicated for basic use.

> - there will inevitably be glitches in making the change.

I'm investigating the impact at the moment.  We plan to push the
existing git mirror to the server, which should avoid any glitches.

> - it is important to retain the project history, would we be able to do
> that.

Yes.  It will be much quicker to access with git.

This is very important to note.  With SVN, all local tools are slow. With git they are fast because history is present locally. As a consequence, the default tool, git gui, ha already all you need. A drawback is that syncing can be slower. However, if you track only a branch (trunk, gramps40) that will not be a problem. I suppose initial checkout could be slow too? Nick, might be interesting to time that with the current branch, so as to have an idea. However, for some reason checkout of svn is also very slow, though they only push limited data to you. That is probably the SF system though.


> - is there a git command line client for Mac OS PPC?

I'm sure John can answer that one.  :)

> - is there a suitable git plug-in for Eclipse (again on Mac OS PPC - though
> architecture probably doesn't matter for eclipse)?


> - web-ui views of the repository are very important to me, preferably like
> SF offered before they mucked everything up.

I'm also going to look into different hosting options.  There are
apparently some very good web interfaces out there.


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