2014-03-31 19:37 GMT+02:00 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>:
On 31/03/14 06:56, Helge.Herz wrote:
> Comment:
> But for all users working with one citation per source (as I do) the new
> handling is more or less unexpected and and reduces the usability (one
> click and one window more to find the related source). I'm not happy
> with this solution even it's more regular then before.

Making the interface more consistent was only one reason for the
change.  It also allows the user to change the source for a citation.
The new editor is also simpler and works better on smaller screens.

I use both small and large sources.

For small sources, the citation will be empty.  I agree that this is not
ideal.  In the long-term, I think we need to change the design of Gramps
to contain a hierarchy of citations with inherited attributes.

In the short-term, the new functionality should be an improvement
overall.  When adding a source and citation at the same time, possibly
with an empty citation, this will require an extra button click though.

The one citation - one source users will be in for a nasty surprise though. We can expect some push-back on that. Educating users is important. How to convey the workflow should be: read a source -> create a source object -> create other objects based on what is learned from source, using citation to link them.

As Helge was confused, many other users can be expected to be confused too. Any ideas on how to make the importance of the edit button after source more clear? This could be an ideal start also to add a paste shortcut: paste last used source or something like that. It will avoid selecting or drag and drop from clipboard, which is a great thing (popup on select button could be CTRL+V to paste last source or something like that).

Also, how to avoid many users now only making citations, and not bothering with source? I think you should make the popup dialog  "cannot save citation. No source selected" better.
How about adding a text explaining the relationship between citation and source? We know it, but starting users will be puzzled, and reading the doc is not what they will do. They will raise bugs: can't save citation if no source present. Why? Again, a good place to educate the user in best practices.



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