Nick, All,

Did you see this: news: 
GIMP Windows Installers move from Sourceforge to

Apparently SF starts to use a download program for some downloads.
If this is the case for Gramps, I would not be ok with this. At the moment it seems for Gramps still the exe is downloaded, but the adds on the download page start to be hard to distinguish from normal content.


2013/11/7 Nick Hall <>

We are now ready for the conversion from svn to git.

Do you want us to wait until after you release v4.0.2?

I have updated the release notes for git:



On 06/11/13 09:36, Jerome wrote:

Yes, everything is maybe not yet active?

I wanted to test ChangeLog file generation into a local copy of the git repository, but 'git clone' command returns:
    warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

About 4.0.2 release and bug reports.
I do not understand causes for:

* 6868: Pressing Tab in Name Editor causes an error

Is it specific to MacOSx bundle?

* 7024: view not refreshed upon deletion of Place record

I am not certain that it is specific to the place view?
but I did not try to reproduce it yet ...

* 7093: Error after creating Pedigree Chart Report

Is it related to GI or something around user's database?

Also, I should be (at least) able to provide a work around for:
* 7085: Gedcom export adds birth date to father from son of the same name


Le mer. 6 nov. 2013 at 9:17,Benny Malengier <> a écrit :
Best work with Nick on timing.
Fixing the 3.3 to 3.4 upgrade problem would be great, but it must be an outlier as this is the only person with such a bug report. On the other hand, if fixed shortly after release, it would be a reason to do again a release.... I leave it up to you.


2013/11/5 Jerome <>


We can plan it for end of the week? Friday ?
Note, I can try to use git.

I already moved some bug reports to 4.0.3.

But maybe some remaining issues[1] can be fixed before 4.0.2 release?
Or need to wait a fix for 6194:
    Database corrupted - TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'[2].

Any idea for the release name[3]?

[2] in the code of upgrade, or in the code of 3.3, there is no unserialize on raw data.    6194