Follow-up: I checked the Windows a minute ago, and see that the labels are there, but they are not configurable.

So the quick conclusion is that this difference is just there. I see no trace of toolbar changes in our logs for 3.4.x, so it may just be that the Linux toolbar has always been without. Hints are still there, so you should be able to use those.



2013/11/9 Philip Weiss <>
I'm switching from Windows to Ubuntu.  I installed Gramps 3.4.6-1 on Ubuntu 13.10.  I've been able to import my .gramps file and point Gramps at the correct media directory.

My gramps toolbar doesn't have any button labels though.  According to the manual page ( I should be able to configure the toolbar from Preferences, but I can't find any option to modify the toolbar, much less labels for the buttons.

Where is the configuration option for that?  Do I need to look at an .rc file somewhere?


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