I know, but given the repots on Ubuntu 13.04, I thought that it was worth a try.

To test this, I installed Linux Mint 15 RC today, which is based on Ubuntu 13.04, and downloaded the 4.0 DEB. On double clicking that, I got a warning that an older supported version was available in the repo, but after ignoring that, installation ran OK.

So, to sum up, version 4.0 seems to be fine for aunt Martha to install, on Mint 15, and Ubuntu 13.04.

Good news, I think.


P.S. Paul, sorry for sending to you twice. Forgot to select reply all.

2013/5/22 Paul Franklin <pf.98052@gmail.com>
> Good advice. And for 4.0, it may be worth upgrading to 13.04 right away.

Be aware that if you switch to 13.04 you will instantly be
at the "bleeding edge" of gramps users.  The last 13.04 bug
was fixed 20 May, barely getting into the 4.0.0 release.

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