On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 5:03 PM, Tim Lyons <guy.linton@gmail.com> wrote:
Bug 0004719 is that a husband is assumed to no longer be alive because
his wife has died.

The problem seems to be in lines 661-676 of Utils.probably_alive_range.

Consider two people Anna and James.

If there is no death date for Anna, then her spouse is examined. If
her spouse, James has died, then his birth and death dates are returned.

However, suppose Anna is 13 (legal in some jurisdictions e.g. New
Hampshire and even younger ages were permissible earlier) when she
marries James, and James is _MAX_AGE_PROB_ALIVE (say 110) years old.
If James immediately dies, then we should perhaps wait at least
_MAX_AGE_PROB_ALIVE - 'behavior.min-generation-years' (e.g. 110-13)
before we assume that Anna has died.

I wonder whether someone who is more familiar with what the code is
trying to do could fix this preferably in both gramps34 and trunk,
because it does seem to be a genuine bug.


I think the example points to the issue that the life range of a spouse is directly determined by the life range of a relative directly, rather than treating them as possibly living the entire possible span. A spouse that died early would give the same span to the other who has no evidence. It looks like a spouse with birth and death events is the only place where this is done. I'll fix the issue.

BTW, one can see the reason for a probably_alive life range easily using the Python Gramplet (example here in trunk):

> from gramps.gen.utils.alive import *
> pa = ProbablyAlive(db)
> person = db.get_person_from_gramps_id("BI0000") # gramps id of person
> data = pa.probably_alive_range(person)
> data[0]                   # birth estimate:
> data[1]                   # death estimate:
> data[2]                   # explanation:
u'ancestor birth date'
> data[3]                   # the ancestor from explanation:
<gramps.gen.lib.person.Person object at 0x7ac19d0>
Thanks for bring this to my attention,



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