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In my attempt to clean up the wiki I would appreciate it if someone can clear up my Addon / Plugin confusion for Gramps.

Here is what I believe, please confirm or correct me.

Addons is the correct term and not Plugins and that before Gramps 3.2 things where different and in Gramps 3.3 according to http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=4.0_Addons Gramps began to manage the plugin/addon process.

So should the Plugin manager really be called the Addon manager?

Also on the wiki you have two identical listings:

*4.0_Addons ( http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=4.0_Addons )
*Plugins4.0 ( http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Plugins4.0 )

should I merge/redirect/etc one of them?

It does look like this has devolved into a bot of a mess.

I'll give you some bits of information, and then we can decide what is the best way forward:

In my mind, there are two different things:

Plugins: any of those programs that can be dynamically loaded when Gramps starts. As stated on:
http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Addons_development there are many items that can be a plugin: 

  1. Report
  2. Quickreport
  3. Tool
  4. Importer
  5. Exporter
  6. Doc creator
  7. Plugin lib
  8. Map service
  9. Gramps View
  10. Relationships
  11. Gramplet
  12. Sidebar

As we make Gramps more flexible, more things can be added/changed at runtime. 

There is a special type of plugin, the third-party plugin, or Addon. These plugins don't come with Gramps, and are maintained outside of the core Gramps source code. They now live at:

The idea of the Addon is that they are not part of core gramps for some reason or another. It might be because it isn't ready yet, or it might be that it performs a feature that is seen as outside the focus of core gramps. I don't see a difference in quality in Addons vs. core plugins. Using the Addon system actually has a big bonus: you can develop an addon on a different release schedule than the rest of Gramps, because the Addons has an auto-updating system. So, you can make a change, and that change can be ready for users immediately. Also, Addons have their own translation databases.

So, there are both plugins and third-party plugins (Addons). I thought that the term Addon would be easier for a user to understand. Users don't need to know about builtin plugins at all, because it doesn't make a difference to them: it is a technical difference between it and the rest of gramps.

The wiki page of descriptions of Addons is a stopgap measure. First, it provided a way of listing, and originally downloading, the Addons. Now we don't need it for downloading, and even the basic listing has been moved to the above URL. And the above URL has translations of the names, whereas the wiki is not ideal for managing the translations when integrated with Gramps.

The wiki does provide three things for Addons that the separate sourceforge site URL doesn't: it has an addon description, it has a link to additional help, and it has a thumbnail picture. My idea would be to move all of those to the Addon system.

So, suggestions: 
* Yes, get rid of one of those wiki pages by combining both into one. 
* Change the plugin system to allow descriptions, and thumbnail images (perhaps as just a URL). Plugins already have a URL for help (I think all plugin types do; need to check). 
* We could aim for a Gramps 4.1 change to eliminate the wiki page, and move all to the sourceforge URL system

There is still a need for some third-party helper programs which are not plugins. For example, there is a perl script, and some other helper scripts on the Addon/Plugin pages. Those can be moved to a new page, I guess.

Hope that helps!



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