On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com> wrote:
On 18/12/12 14:15, Brian Matherly wrote:
> Does anyone have any aspirations to work on new features? I know there was talk of reworking the narrative web report. If nobody has any new feature plans, then let's do what Benny suggests. But if we have new feature work in mind for the short term, then let's consider making a 4.0 maintenance branch right away.

I said that I would make the change to add tags to all primary objects,
but I was waiting for the 4.0 branch to be created first.

I would also like to investigate adding a place hierarchy to Gramps and
have created a prototype for GEPS 006.  This is longer term though and I
don't even have a design yet.

> Also, I have some slight reservations about the release numbering. If we release something called "4.0.0.alpha1", I think we will be fine. But I am concerned about releasing something called "4.0.0" - even if we make a note in the release notes that it is "unstable", some packagers or users might pick it up unwittingly. How would you feel about making all unstable releases have some kind of suffix like "alpha1", "alpha2", "beta1", "beta2", etc? Then, you could make the first "stable" release "4.0.0" proper.

This seems like a better naming scheme.   Perhaps we could also consider
a "3.99.0" release?

FYI, because of the way that addons and plugins numbering works, I think it would be better to stay with a "4.x.x" scheme. Otherwise, will end up changing tested code before release that we'd rather not.


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