Dear Trevor:

I would be interested if you could produce a patch based upon trunk/ rev18052?  I would love to be able to patch the trunk repository, so that I may run and see what you have accomplished...

If it is possible, could you give me the 'git clone ?', so that I may clone your git repository?  I can then run it from there...

I do not know how you would be interested or not, but I would love to see NarrativeWeb's options/ setup to be like FC17's Nautilus or K3b-2.0.2's k3bsetup2...

A split screen setup where the plugins are listed on the left side of the notebook with an icon for each one, and that plugins's options are shown on the right hand side...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 7:14 AM, W. Trevor King <> wrote:
Hi Gramps devs,

Over the last month or two I've been gradually reworking the report to reduce duplication and create an internal
organization that more closely matches the output structure.  I was
just starting to polish things up for potential inclusion in the
trunk, when I noticed that the trunk had been moving on without me ;).
So, are people interested in my restructured layout?  I can merge
recent trunk changes into my branch, but I don't want to have to keep
merging continuously if there's not much hope of getting my changes

Since I don't have SVN access, I've been working of a Git mirror.  You
can browse through my changes here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/wtk


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Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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