Is it possible to increase the sensitive region for click on the map?
In my case I see you need to focus very precise on where the pin or looking glass pins on the map. I would expect clicking on the icon like on the +,-,X should already show the tooltip.

Also, as a help of our users, I think you should:

1/ update the 3.3 manual as good as possible with all new functionality

2/ add a local help perhaps via a dialog? Eg, add a help text as a tab to the configuration dialog with explenation of how to use the geoview. You could also add in the context menu a 'Help' and on selection it opens config dialog on this tab.

3/ improve the tooltips of the buttons to indicate what they do, so make them a sentence. Eg, what does 'person' do? In my case it shows nothing. This is confusing, a users needs some indication how he can see information.
Eg: instead of tooltip 'Person', use: 'Show places connected to the selected person in the Person View'

4/ I fail to see why we need to be able to filter on people for the 'Person' selection. We only see events of the selected person in Person View. It would be better to use the current selected person to fill in the filter with eg the ID of the person, I44 for Garner. Then if user changes the filter, the 'Person' view can just update, independent of the Person view. Something to think about.
5/With events, places, ... the geoview seems usable, but once you have selected an event or place, you are stuck and cannot do anything anymore, at least I don't see how to use the filter once this happened.

Well, mostly usability work and allowing discovering features more easily. Very nice work otherwise.