2010/5/19 Stéphane Charette <stephanecharette@gmail.com>
Anyone else interested in running with this?

I don't mind replying, I have some time this evening. If anybody wants to send me specific answers, feel free to do so.



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From: Lee Schlesinger <lschles@geek.net>
Date: Tue, May 18, 2010 at 10:38
Subject: SourceForge.net wants to blog about GRAMPS
To: s_charette@users.sourceforge.net

I see you have a new release of GRAMPS. We're looking for projects to highlight in our Community Blog (https://sourceforge.net/blog/). Want to answer a few questions about your software so we can write about your project?

First, what's your name, and where are you from? Can you briefly explain what GRAMPS is and what you can do with it? How does it stack up against the many commercial genealogy applications? What makes it unique? Is GRAMPS an acronym or should it be Gramps?

What motivated you to create the software? How long have you been working on it? What tools did you use to built the application, and why did you choose those particular tools?

Why did you release the software as open source, and why did you decide to put it up on SourceForge.net?

Is there any especially useful capability users might overlook? What's a cool tip for people who use the software?

What's coming up in future versions? How frequently do you expect to make releases? Do you need help on the project? With what? And what's the best way for people who want to help to get in touch?

Finally, is there anything you'd like our SourceForge.net developers to know, that we could do to improve the site?

Thanks for your help!
Lee Schlesinger
Gossipmonger, SourceForge.net


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