Greetings All:

Can anyone explain what has happened to trunk in the idea of the GrampletView? Give me a minute to explain:

Here is what I have done in both gramps32 and trunk.  Both version are r15411.  Both are from a fresh checkout and new .gramps directory...

1) python ~/gramps32/src/ and python ~/trunk/src/
2) Click on GrampletView
3) remove Welcome and Statistics gramplets
4) right click --> add a gramplet
5) left click on Calendar Gramplet

Here is where it is different:
gramps32 -- will allow me to add a new gramplet
trunk --will NOT allow me to add anything

My OS:
Fedora rawhide-- a mix between fc13 and fc14 packages at this time still until sometime this next week possibly when fc13 goes final and they will turn their full attention to fc14.


Same OS and packages, running two versions of gramps, on the same machine, one works and the other does NOT work!

Doug had said something about pygtk/gtk2 problem, but gramps32 works just fine....

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey