2010/5/30 Jim Winfrey <jimwinfrey@gmail.com>

I'm just one of the people that contribute, so I'm not speaking for
anyone but me.

Gramps is a work-in-progress, and continually gets better every year.
Every day, really.

You have indeed missed some things---not sure if they are obvious or not:

1. You can put the main Gramps folder where ever you want. .gramps in
the home directory is the default, but you can change that in

2. Files (such as photos) are not stored in a database, but in the
file system. The decision was based on the idea that file systems were
designed to hold files. If you put those in a  folder structure, you
can use them outside of Gramps, too.

3. When you make a Gramps XML Package, it copies all of the files into
a file structure that mirrors their current locations. This works
across platforms. You do not need to use Linux. This is the most
flexible way to accommodate all of the ways people use Gramps.

4. The Gramps-developer environment is very open to discussions of
productive, alternative methods of operation. Especially if those come
with a thoughtful analysis and understanding of the current state, and
a clear direction to head. We have a series of Gramps Enhancement
ProposalS: http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=GEPS

5. The idea of the central location of all databases is one that was
made based on the best understanding of the technology at the time, by
the small number of developers at the time. I think that this can be
improved, and I'm working on an idea along these lines.

So, if you (or anyone) would like to work on making Gramps better, you
might want to join the gramps-developer mailing list. We discuss stuff
like this every day. Of course we also get people that pop in, claim
that they don't like X, and move on. That's fine too. But we do cater
to those people that actually use Gramps, and understand the way it
works before they suggest alternative methods.

Hope that helps!


My portability wish would to be able to park my Gramps database in something like DropBox where I could access it on any of my computers.  I have tried to tame the Gramps XML import/export but with a database of 16k+ people, the time it takes way too long to be practical.

You could if you could mount dropbox via fuse. I did not try those services, but are they not meant to sync local files with remote ones? If so, I don't see what the problem would be to sync your gramps database. Perhaps slow, but not a problem. On the second computer you wait for it to sync, and start working.

If you want a network drive, then you need the mount way, something like Wuala offers that (http://wua.la/en/learn/features a linux client available), there must be others. First Gb is free there. 16000+ people in Gramps might be bigger though, you should look in your storage directory...

Not sure it would be fast though. If it works on local file and syncs, it should be fast. But as this is a database, saving something to it can cause quite some change in the file, which then must be synced, so a lock will placed, probably slowing your access via Gramps. You should try it (on backup, or taking regular backups in beginning due to testing) and write back.
Do not underestimate the lag of a network connection, if you need to work with a local app, waiting for network traffic, depending on the implementation, it might be very slow.




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